Weekending: Roadtrip and Sunshine

Monday, April 11, 2016

Hello again!

Monday again?!  Crazy.
I hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend - I know I did!
We had beautiful 80* weather!
[I know, I know...so crazy, but so wonderful!]

It went a something along the lines of this....

Friday night, I went out with a friend.  Had an amazing time!
We went to this local place call McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale Oregon.
[If you're from the NW, you're aware of the McMenamin restaurants]

If you're ever in the area visiting, I highly suggest.
Their website: McMenamins
[check it out]

There are several around Oregon and Washington- breweries, historic hotels, pubs and local gathering spots!

So Edgefield....looks a little like this:

[from above - winery, golf course, bars, pubs, restaurants, walking areas...ahh]

We walked around Edgefield for a bit and then settled in at this one pub and just chatted - it was so much fun!  #momsnightout

Then Saturday came.  In full force.  It was road trip day!
Decided to take a little road trip with the little one and dogs to Central Oregon.

[Like I said...I have a 4 lbs Poodle for a reason....purely so the little one can walk a dog without it pulling her arm off.  Jk.  She just happened to be so small from day 1]

[And of course, Emily was summoned to the shortest leash on Saturday.  She likes to run....and by run, I mean full on sprint.]

Saturday was an awesome day - Starbucks in the morning, signing our hearts out to the ending song on Tangled driving over the mountain, lunch in the park, and a drive through The Dalles and home song the Columbia Gorge.
So beautiful!

Then Sunday rolled around...
Let's just say...nothing productive got done except washing the car and grocery shopping. 
[Does anyone else feel super organized when their car gets cleaned inside and out?  It's like a new life has emerged...]
Nonetheless, it was a great weekend!

And I'm so excited to see what this week will bring!

I'll be linking up with Biana over at B Loved Boston for weekending!

PS.  When did I become so lame? I was looking though my photos and realized I didn't as many as I thought. #lamesauce 


  1. I do feel so much better when my car is clean...which reminds me I haven't cleaned the inside since I bought it...oops! Better get on that!

    1. I do too, and I'm super weird about having my car clean all the time. Having a little one makes it a little challenging. #crushedgoldfishcrackers

  2. So jealous of your beautiful weather, can't wait for it warm up here.

    1. Warm weather is on its way....hang in there!

  3. A roadtrip sounds so fun! I could go for one of those soon!

  4. Road trips are fun and can be so inexpensive! Plan one soon!


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