About This Blog

A Little NW Charm is a lifestyle blog I started in 2016. I wanted a space to call my own; a place where I could express my feelings/thoughts/reviews/inspiration.; a place I could be me.  I've been in the blog world for about four years now. I've found some amazing blogs whom I love following and get tips, tricks, many laughs and lots of inspiration from.

As a full time working momma, raising a sweet little girl...life can get away from me-quick! Which is why I created this blog - an outlet from everyday life. My own happy place!

Ah, one of my favorite and motivating quotes of all time.

Whether I share about a momma moment, a fashionista tip (or moment), product review, life story, or my own tips and tricks, I hope you find some inspiration and a little humor. Nonetheless, I hope you find this blog easy going and carefree.

Grab yourself some coffee, pull up a chair, unwind and enjoy!


  1. Excited to follow along! We already have three things in common:
    1. Little girls
    2. Working moms
    3. Bloggers
    Good luck with this new space and I'll be sure to follow along!
    Sarah || www.sugarmaplenotes.com

    1. Thank you! Can't wait to follow you and your adventures in life!


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