Birthday Weekend Success

Monday, February 8, 2016

Birthday weekend was a success! 

My 'Birthday Drink' from Starbucks. Do I ever pass up a free coffee?! Uh, I think not!

I just have to say...I have the best friends and family!
Whew - what a weekend this has been!

I will be linking up with Biana @ B Loved Boston- Weekending.

Friday night I was supposed to head out to a local golf course restaurant's happy hour with my first grade {Elise} and third grade {Erica} friends.  However, my first grade BFF wasn't feeling too good and wasn't able to attend.

So Erica and I decided since we both had babysitters family lined up to watch our little ones...why not take the opportunity to head out still #momsnightout

And when I say 'go out', I mean a laid back, casual happy hour.
At a restaurant.
Claim Jumper to be exact. (It's a tradition)

Drinks. Cheap eats. My kind of night out.

Meet Erica. My friend since 3rd grade.  Yes, that's right...THIRD grade!
Despite having kids...we still find time to get together from time to time.
It's tough at times, but we manage.

That right there, the chocolate chip calzone. So. Freakin'. Delicious.
If anyone has ever been to Claim share these types of things. Naturally, because it was a birthday celebration outing, Erica and I decided to get two desserts - one for her and one for me. Ugh - sugar overload.

Pretty sure I went home in a diabetic coma.

Friday night ended up with me falling asleep in my bed all curled up like a little baby.
Slept soundly. My little one slept until 7 am.

Saturday was the actual day of birth aka birthday.
Spent the morning and afternoon very low key...doing a whole lotta nothing.
And it felt sooo good!

Dinner with daddy dearest at 5:30 at Amalfi's in NE Portland. [If you're ever in the area...I highly suggest stopping by. The pizza is amazing. The pasta is divine. The drinks are yummy.]

Yes, this is their tiramisu!  [In case you haven't figured this out...I {fuzzy} heart dessert]

After dinner with daddy dearest, Andrew and I headed down to the Pearl District in NW Portland to one of my most favorite restaurants/happy hour places EVER! Oba!!!!!

MMMM....this has been one of my favorite places for several years, and a yearly birthday stop.
The drinks are amazing. The tapas are so incredibly tasty.

Kellie [sister] is obviously super excited to be out with us! I mean, who be?  We are a good time!

Clearly, I'm super stoked about the card!

The 'Crew' at Oba. Kellie [sister], Janelle, Me, Andrew.
We had a night full of belly laughs, great drinks, amazing company and of course, the best banana balls! 
[I have no idea what they are really called...all I know, is that they are this amazing desert that are fried little banana cream filled balls with ice cream and caramel sauce. My weakness.]

All the good food, belly laughs, and birthday came to an end eventually.
But the memories will remain [and the inside jokes]!

Here are a few more of my favorite moments from this weekend:

We are in the sticker phase right now. We had to use the entire sheet of stickers...face and all!

And what better way to spend the birthday weekend with Emily kisses, a Super Bowl party, and lots of Pacific Northwest SUNSHINE!!!!  So thankful for the gorgeous weather we had today!  

Who says turning 31 has to be bad?  Last year when I turned *gasp* 30, I was nervous as I entered my 30's but was excited to see what my 30's would bring.  This last year has proven to me that anything is possible!  

Cheers to 31 and another great year!

What did you do this weekend? 
How was your Super Bowl Sunday? 
Share below!


  1. Can never go wrong with free coffee! I just got a notification that I have a free one available for use on the Starbucks app!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

    1. I'll take a free coffee any day! It's like the one time you can be extra 'bad' and not feel guilty!

  2. Love when you have those friends that have been with you through it all! So glad you had a great mom's night out!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

    1. Thank you! Old friends are the best friends to have around, especially when we can reminisce about the 'old' days.

  3. So glad you had a great birthday weekend!!! I love Oba too... it's high on my list!!! This is going to be an awesome year for you girly!!!

    1. Oba is my most favorite restaurant in the Pearl! Andina is another favorite of mine. A must try if you haven't.

  4. I LOVE the birthday drink from Starbucks. One of the best Bday perks. I always order something ridiculous like a venti hazlenut latte with extra something just to take full advantage hha!

    1. Isn't that why they give us a free birthday drink?! To be completely ridiculous? Your drink sounds exactly like mine - love my lattes! If I'm really feeling it...I'll do a caramel macchiato. #swoon

  5. Love a good casual Friday night! And Happy belated birthday – glad you enjoyed!!


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