Confessional Thursday...For I Have Sinned {Maybe}

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Logged in this morning and my old coworker/friend linked up with an awesome blog for Confessional Thursdays.
[Thanks Jess at Jessica's Little Bits of Joy]

Jess at The Newly is putting on a fab link party - come join!
Sounds interesting huh?!
I thought so too.

Here goes.

I Confess...

[] This morning I went to Starbucks again (shocker). Not because I had to, but because I enjoy pulling up to a window and having my coffee made for me.  I could very well come straight home from dropping the little one off at daycare and make my own...but seriously, it's not as good. Thankfully, I still have a ton of $$ left only gift cards.  Just hope it doesn't run out anytime soon....

[] While ordering my drink at Starbucks...I ordered an old-fashioned donut too. Best guilty pleasure on the ride home after a loooooong night with the little one last night! All alone. No child. No dogs. No phones. [This could be the culprit of the Michelin tire I've been carrying around] #momlife

[] While working at home this week...I've had old re-runs of Laguna Beach and Teen Mom running in the background.  Hey...back in the day, those shows rocked! [and still kinda do]

[]  I haven't styled my hair all week this week.  Ponytails it is. Wet hair and all.  That's how bad it's been this week feeling run down. #sicknessbegone

[] With that being said...I haven't put any makeup on either since Saturday. Eek.

[] Stopped by the store yesterday morning for some EmergenC. Ended up in the beauty aisle...just browsing.  You never know what you'll find.

[] I love Valentine's day. I just think red roses are so cliche.

There you have it.
Some of my week's confessions. I feel better.

What are some of your confessions?

Share below!


  1. Giftcard Starbucks is the BEST Starbucks. Keep enjoy it!

    I love pink roses, but I just love pink haha.

  2. A donut is ALWAYS worth the calories!!! And a drive alone without the kid... that is heaven right there, my friend. :-)

    1. I only got the donut because I miss my Friday Donut days at the office....and it was pure bliss!!!!!!

  3. those little moments without anyone savoring a donut and coffee and amazing! love those little moments :) and ponytails are how I live..its where its at girl! Enjoy your day!

    1. Glad to know I'm not the only one who wears ponytails during the 'work day'. Happy Thursday!

  4. Someone else making your coffee is always good. If I could grab a Starbucks drink in the mornings, I would for sure! ... found your blog though Jess' link up!

    1. Aren't link ups the best for meeting new bloggers?! I love them! I usually only get coffees when I drop the little one off at daycare....because it just so happens to be on the way home before I start the work day.


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