Hometown Special: Gresham Oregon

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

It's Show And Tell Tuesday and I'll be linking up with Momfessionals today.
And today's topic - hometowns!

That's right folks, I live in the great city of Gresham, Oregon. That's about 15-20 minutes East of downtown Portland on a good day without traffic.

I was born here, grew up here until 10th grade, moved to Oregon City, Oregon (about 30 minutes South) where I graduated, moved around the Portland area a bit until last year, where I ended up back in Gresham.

[What's up with the music notes you ask? Gresham is known for their Gresham Jazz Festival. Nope, I've never been, but this sign sure welcomes you right off I-84.]

It's a cute little [big] quaint town.  On a good day you can see Mt. Hood clear as day - it's gorgeous!

The one thing I like about Gresham is that it's just a hop, jump and a skip away from downtown Portland, about an hour from the mountain and 2 hours the other direction to the beach.  
I must say, it's not too bad.

This is just one of the block corners in Downtown Gresham.  Super cute, good food, pretty scenery.  

And during the Spring/Summer/Fall months, we have our own Saturday Famers Market (I think just about every city in the Portland Metro area has their own farmers markets due to the vast amount of farming and growing we have in the suburbs.

Don't those look divine?!  We are pretty blessed to live in a city that has and has access to other city's fruits and vegetables.

Of course we have shopping available....

Gresham Station is probably our 'biggest' shopping area within the Gresham city limits.  Fred Meyer (a Kroger chain) is a huge one-stop shopping store in the area.  We do have Targets (no super stores though #boo), Kohls, and a ton of small clothing boutiques within the area.

Our lovely, local Fred Meyer's store in Gresham.  One stop shopping - groceries, clothing, shoes, prescriptions, hardware, outdoor, gardening...you name it, they've got it!

And of course, our city would not be complete with all the outdoor activities we have available.  I mean, we are in the Pacific NW, green, lush landscapes, and lots of rain.  But we don't care out here...we just throw on some rain boots (if that even) and a rain jacket [umbrella optional].

The one 'famous' park in our area.  There have been a few movies that have been filmed her.

The Springwater Corridor which extends from Boring, Oregon to Gresham to Portland, Oregon.  It's a gorgeous scenic pathway for pedestrians and bicyclists.

And of course...about 3 mins from the Gresham border, in the small town of Troutdale, there lives McMenamins Edgefield.  Brewery, winery, bars, restaurants, hotels, spas...and outdoor concerts.

And to top it off....it's a short drive to downtown Portland.  Gresham is just a 'small' extension of Portland.

There you have it - my home town!

Oh and of course, our city [or state] would not be complete without Starbucks. On ever street corner [some even have drive thru's].


  1. Cute write up about Gresham!! I love Oxbow.. I used to go there to lay out in the sun by the river all the time!!

    1. In all honesty, I don't if I've ever been inside Oxbow park that I can recall. I just know it's a huge place to go around here. I hear it's fun though!

  2. I love Gresham. My grandmother lived there for a long time. She moved to Portland OR when she first moved to Oregon and then to Gresham. I spent many summers up there. Thanks for bringing back the memories.

  3. Your so welcome! Who knew someone knew were little ol' Gresham was! It's a cute little city away from the big city!

  4. Okay...how cute is your town! I loved reading about it! Sounds like my town....a suburb of a bigger city! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Aw, thank you! I live suburbs of bigger cities!


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