Weekending: Accomplishing the list

Monday, March 14, 2016


Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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One word sums up my weekend: Productive.

I got a ton of stuff done.

Last Monday morning I woke up after an emotional and draining weekend with a different kind of feeling.  A feeling of - it's about me and McKenna, getting things done, and getting life on a different [better] track.

And this last week was just that - no cell phone in the evening [I've grown to hate talking on the phone now...even texting can annoy me, but at least I can pick and choose when I want to respond. Sounds bad huh?!  Eh, I need some away time from electronics], no outside distractions in the evenings while doing the evening routine with the little one, cleaner eating habits, and figuring out a routine that works best for the little and I.

Friday I had started a list of things I needed to accomplish over the weekend.
Things I had been wanting and needing to get done for quite some time.
[Although my list of 'to-dos' never truly end, these have been weighing heavy on my shoulder - small tasks, seem to take a backseat on the day to day life, but not this weekend]

I got most everything completed this weekend that I've been needing/wanting to accomplish on the list...except a few.

And it feels amazing!

I feel like I can think more clearer, get more things done and now am ready for the next weekend of challenges: figuring out what I want in life, having some more 'me time' and getting my study on for the next adventure in life.

Do you ever just feel that your 'happiness tank' isn't full?
Or even half full?
Yeah, I've been feeling that way for a long time now...which is why I've decided to take the bull by the horns and concentrate on my little and I for a little bit.

The weekend brought us all kinds of weather - sunshine, clouds, rain, down pours, hail, thunder and lightening...just about everything except snow and ice.  

The newest obsession: mom's new umbrella.  Because it's that cool to carry an umbrella in the rain and leave mom without an umbrella.

Oh, and remember how I was working on Phase 1 of the South Beach?
So that went very well all week, until Saturday when a Baja Fresh black bean/cheese burrito was in order.  Since then I haven't had any sweets.  It's hard to complete this kind of detox when your the only one who's being super strict on foods in the house.
But it's a good kick start for me!

Move over world...I've got my sassy pants on!  There's no stopping me now!

Horrible selfie, but this is what I felt like Sunday afternoon after getting [most] everything accomplished this weekend!  
[I did shower though]
However, what you don't see is the venti Starbucks on the coffee table.

Here's to an awesome week!  I've got my list going for the next weekend to come of things to get accomplished!

What are some things you do to make your happiness tank full?
How was your weekend? 
Share details below - I'd love to hear your ideas and stories from the weekend! 


  1. You got so much done on your to-do list! Little things can really start to add up for me, so I need a to do list to make sure I get everything done. I like your note pad, too!

    1. Thank you! Lists are definitely a must for me! This pad was $1 at Target #score


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