What's Up First Wednesday in March

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Holy Schmoly....
First Wednesday of March (*gasp* already) and I felt like I haven't blogged in forever.
[Well...technically, it's been awhile. A long while at that]

Welcome friends!

Since it's been a little while for me, I'll be doing my own little 'What's Up Wednesday' version today.

What I've been up to:
Lately, 'traveling lady' sums up my life.  I've been to Tacoma, Washington to Long Beach, California and then came back from Eugene, Oregon today.  It's safe to say, I'm excited to be 'home' and back snuggling with my little one.

Also, we've finally finished up the birthday and holiday season around this household...and I am beyond excited for that to finally be over.  We celebrated my little's birthday the weekend of the 21st and 22nd. Fun, but exhausting.  Celebration dinner at my dads house and then family birthday get together at my house.

Just a little decoration I made - paper pendant banner!
[So proud of myself...I'm back in the craft game]

This sums up the birthday party - pink and gold!

What I've been eating:
I laugh at this one because I've been wanting to start the 21-day fix or the 1st phase of the South Beach Diet (eliminate carbs and sugars is the main goal) but with being on the road...it's difficult.  I've dined at some really good places over the last 2 weeks. but nothing compares to home cooked meals.

One meal that really hit the spot was a place called Cafe Yumm! in Eugene, Oregon.
[Apparently this is an Oregon/Washington chain as of now...but I'm telling you, if you ever come across one, you must try it!]

Today I got the 'original' bowl, but the 'edamame' bowl is amazing as well!  Here's what the goodness looks like:

Clean eating...here I come {very soon}.

What I'm loving:
Currently, the fact that my little is sleeping through the night.  It's been bliss this last week with her going to bed easily, sleeping [mostly] through the night in the room.  I can't complain.

Also, I'm loving the fact that I did an early deep Spring cleaning. I feel...soo....much better. Whew. What a relief!

What I'm dreading:
More organization! I have to go through my paper files and organize those. Ewww.

What I'm watching:
I think we all know this one....Fuller House.  AMEN - finally!  I grew up with Full House, the original, in fact, I still watch Full House.
[I may have a few seasons on DVD.]

[I just love 'DJ']

[And Stephanie...one of my favs!]

What I'm working on:
Healthy eating.  That's a huuuuuge struggle for me right now.  I  know I can do it, I know thats a huge part of why I feel so icky and unhappy currently.  You get to the point where you just want to curl up in a corner and cry *praying* all your jiggles could just melt away.  But, we all know, that's not going to happen without hard work.  So now that my work travels are done, I'm going to try really, super hard to figure out what I can do in my schedule to work on that and make me feel better inside and out!

I think this is what I struggle with the most - I crave the worst foods.  Depression? Boredom? Horrible taste buds that only crave bad things? Who knows, but I'm about to figure this out.
One. Day. At. A. Time.

What I'm listening to:
Lately, I've been listening to the San Francisco Radio [yes, that is the name of a song by The Mowgli's] on iHeartRadio.  I fell in love with this song a few years ago...and ever since, this station has a ton of songs I like.

What I'm looking forward to:
Coconut oil!  Yes, I got a jar of it yesterday as I've been doing a little research about the benefits.  I've baked with it before and it's delicious, however I've been reading how great it is for your skin.  I've struggled with some skin issues lately (dark/red pores on my legs, "chicken skin" on the back of my arms and the dreaded adult face acne on my forehead - ew!) and I'm determined to see what I can do 'naturally' to remedy these issues.  

Well there you have it...my What's Up for the week (and past week or so).

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week thus far!

What are your plans for this weekend?!

Share below!  I love hearing what other's have going on in their life!


  1. Oh man.. Cafe Yumm!!!! I buy the big bottle of their sauce and we make Yumm Bowls at home.. and sometimes just eat the sauce on a sliced up avocado for a snack.. and sometimes bathe in the sauce... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SAUCE!!! :-)

    1. It really is....but that sauce really is everything. I'm def grabbing a bottle next time I see it.


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