Weekending: Berry Bowl & an Epiphany

Monday, March 7, 2016

Happy Monday Friends!

Another week, another dollar, another chance for success.

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This weekend was another weekend with nothing planned.
And it was nice.

I decided to head out to Janelle James Boutique at Bridgeport to see all the new pre-Spring items they've recently got in.

Aaaannnnd to see my sister [it was a win-win situation].

While at Bridgeport, I stopped and had a berry bowl at The Bowl & Berry.
[Which by the way, is super delicious if your ever in the Portland area. It's like Jamba Juice - on steroids.]

Doesn't that just look amazeballs?!  
Sure was! 
Pure heaven in a bowl of yumminess.

The rest of the weekend wasn't too much to speak of, really. Relaxing. I guess it's safe to say, I'm glad it's over to start a new, fresh week of success.

I woke up feeling 'different'. 
Feeling like I can conquer all that comes my way.
In fact, things will be different. I can just feel it.  Things are about to start happening.

First off, I come to the conclusion this weekend that it's time I start eating healthy.  
Lately, I've felt like crap.
[I blame the carbs and sugar I eat on the regular]

Before the holidays, I completed Phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.  
I hate diets. 
I don't like being told to eat this, don't eat this, cook it this way, you can only have this many calories, etc.  
I know this technically is a diet, but this makes sense to me and the last time I did this...I felt awesome. Even dropped a few pounds.

I've tried the 21 day sugar detox a few years ago and completely failed. 
I mean, completely failed big time.
Like after 3 days. 
That was hard, but I'm also hooked on sugar and bad carbs. Like really bad.
Plus, I didn't like being told I could only have black coffee - ick. Really? Black coffee only? 
Eh, no thanks.

Which is why Phase 1 of the South Beach makes sense to me. I need to do something that "detoxes" the sugar and processed carbs from my daily diet first before I can continue my "healthy eating" regimen.
And on top of that...I can have coffee + milk, which in my book, equals a latte.
Plus, they say you can do sugar free candy, which theoretically, would mean sugar-free syrup right?
That's how I took it.

Besides, its the only way I feel like I can get through my mornings currently.
[that's how hooked on coffee/sugar/carbs I really am]

Sooo....today's the first day of Phase 1.

Here's what I can eat: here

Like I said, I hate diets with a passion (it's 'die' with a 't') but I've tried this before and it worked for me.

I slimmed down.
I had more energy.
My clothes felt and fit better.
My food choices became better.
I stopped craving sugar and carbs as badly as I did.
I drank more water.
I was in a better mood.
I could focus better.

I've done some research online about the effects of white sugar and carbs. There really is something to it and how our bodies react.  I continue to read and research things to help make better decisions that work for me.
[Remember, what works for me, might not work for you - it's all about trial and error]

I am all game for better, cleaner eating and exercise.

Besides, at the rate I've been going, anything and I mean anything is better than doing nothing at all.

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

What are some goals you're wanting to accomplish this week?! Share below!

**Disclaimer: All content in here are the opinions and views of my own.  This is not a paid sponsorship.  I am not a doctor, dietician, or fitness guru - this is what has worked for me.


  1. I just had my first smoothie bowl from Jamba Juice this past week when I was out of town and it was SO good!! Now I'm on the hunt for a place that serves them in my city haha!

  2. To die for! Seriously, I would love one right....about....now! I've never had a Jamba bowl...maybe I'll have to try one myself.

  3. Um that berry bowl looks AMAZING!! On my to do ,list for this week find someone that makes these berry bowls near me.


  4. Oh my gosh, that perry bowl looks so delicious!


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