It's Time To Fess Up [Confessional Thursday]

Thursday, March 10, 2016

2 words: Confessional Thursday!

We all know what that means - time to confess for this week!

This week, I confess...

[] There's still crushed up goldfish crackers from weeks ago on my backseats floor mat.  If anyone knows me well, knows that I always try and keep a very clean car since it drives me absolutely nuts to have a dirty car. Every day when I put my little in the backseat, I think to myself "I should really get that vacuumed up soon. That looks really gross."  It's a daily occurrence.  Hasn't happened yet.  But if this weekend shows a little sunshine, I will be getting that vacuumed up.

[] I'm a true Oregonian.  It was pouring down rain yesterday and I took my car through the car wash.  Yes, that's how we do it here in the NW.  My theory- I'd rather have a clean wet car, than a dirty wet car.

[] I've seriously been contemplating clip-in hair extensions.  Isn't that what all the cool kids do? I laugh when I think about the thought of this.  I just want longer, fuller hair - is that too much to ask?

[] I've cheated twice this week on the phase 1 of the South Beach diet.  Once on Monday when I took a very small bite of a small Tootsie Roll (doesn't really count, right?!) and then last night, by grandma made this amazing chicken dinner, asparagus, and cooked carrots. It was delicious! Only problem do you say 'no' to your grandma's dinner she made, when there was noodles in the chicken dish?  So...I had a few noodles last night with dinner. Eh, you win some, you lose some.

[] I've been taking some 'me' time this week to think about things - life in particular.  It's great! No phone calls in the evening, early bed time...just spending time with my little.  I've been in a funk lately, this last weekend was super draining and emotional for me....that I've reached a point of time in need to 'breathe' and figure me out.

[] Yesterday was just what I needed - a lunch date with my old co-workers. THANK YOU LADIES!!!!

[] I've been breaking out {acne-wise} on my forehead. Like a freaking teenager. Ugh, I think it's adult acne.  I've got to figure this out - pronto!

[] I'm ever so slightly excited about Spring. I passed by the garden aisle...and it made me want to start planting flowers. Like yesterday.

And there you have it - Thursday Confessions!

I'll be linking up with Jessica over at The Newly - go link up too and share your confessions!

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. Lunch was awesome, we need to do that again soon!! Maybe you are breaking out because your body is detoxing from cutting out sugar and carbs???

    1. Yes, very soon! Because it was soon good to see you ladies! Who knows what this 'adult acne' is from now. I blame the old IUD and new pills. But very well could be from a poor diet - we shall see! I've heard coconut oil and baking soda mixed together makes a great face wash. It's on the list of things to try.

  2. I love lunch dates. Especially with good friends. Yes clip in extensions or the Halo (which is super expensive) are the ways to go right now. I want long fuller hair too, but I am just waiting it out while growing it out. It is taking forever.

    1. Lunch dates are awesome with great company! Halo extensions?! Hmm, never heard of them before...I'll have to google them and watch a few YouTube videos. Growing hair out does take forever - I've been there...which is why I've been so reluctant to cut my hair any shorter than it is now. I feel your pain....hang in there!

  3. I like the concept of a clean wet car vs a dirty one, haha. I do the same thing with vacuuming my car, should really get that dirt out, but ooppps forgot.

    1. It totally justifies going through the carwash in the winter months - clean wet car is better than dirty wet car. Especially when the little one things it's fun to put finger prints in the dirt on the car *gah*! Vacuuming is such a tedious job in a car - love vacuuming the house, but the car?! Eh...
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Why are breakouts so much worse when you're an adult!? UGH they just pop up all the time out of no where! Jerks :(

  5. Hate random breakouts! I've been having really good luck lately with the skincare I've been using. I blogged about it a few posts back. Good for you for shutting down technology at night! Sounds relaxing.


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