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Monday, January 25, 2016

Hello friends!

This weekend has been quite productive.  Well, maybe Saturday wasn't the most productive, but it was relaxing nonetheless.

One of my very good friends owns a boutique on the west side of town in which I went and visited (once again).  She's always getting new fashion pieces in.  I love going to see whats new and trending! Plus-she lets me model the outfits.

Here's what I found:

I saw this top with all the colors, textures, and designs and had to have it.
Another top that was too cute to pass up!

I am in *love* with this concept of a simple lace design down the backside of a simple shirt.  I mean, I would wear just the top itself without the lace, but the lace adds a little elegance and softness to the top.  I bought both in black and red[dish]. A great casual/weekend top!

LACE, LACE, LACE...everywhere!

This black lace embellished top with sleeves is perfect for the transition into Spring.  I do love black, so naturally, I would pick this top!  This one definitely made it into my wardrobe!

And how could you not pass up these cute little necklaces?!  Tassels. That's all I can say. Definitely a trend of the season for necklaces!

Here are some other looks I found this month, but didn't end up buying. (Hey, I was being very good at keeping a budget this month).

Look at those sleeves?! Simple.

We all know, I'm by no means a hat person...but it's a nice photo accessory.

An added bonus when I visit Janelle James Boutique...I get to see my sister (store manager)!
PS. Happy Birthday sister!

Check out their Facebook and IG pages for the latest fashion arriving!

Aside from fashion and shopping, I did do some productiveness in the 2016 life planning department.

I will post more from that later this week.


  1. I LOVE that black dress with the lace sleeves! So adorable! And you look awesome in it :)
    Sarah ||

    1. Your so sweet, thank you! I love all the clothes she carries at her boutique!


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