Warm Ups Are Over-It's Game Time!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Whew, did this weekend fly by after a super fast week or what?

I guess time flies when you're having fun, right?!

Well not exactly.
Don't get me wrong, my new job is exciting and I'm enjoying it very much so!
I'm just not feeling like myself these days. Which makes life and everyday tasks tougher than usual.

This weekend, I started a little "life"  planning and goal setting. 
Things I want to accomplish.
Things I want to re-evaluate.
My 5-7 year goals.
Things to make a better version of me in 2016.

I've tired this in the past, and it usually takes me awhile (if I ever complete it fully as I tend to procrastinate, then get sidetracked and then I get overwhelmed and give up).
This time I really want change (new year, new career, new me?).
That sounds pretty good to me.

So far, I've got my journal, colored markers, pen and index cards.
(I love index cards for the fact that I can write the goal on one side, and add the details on the backside).

I {fuzzy heart} simplicity when it comes to this kind of stuff.

Here's what I'm wanting hoping to accomplish with this life journal:
  1. Create a better version of myself  (ways of doing things, list making, planning)
  2. Re-learning what makes me happy and refills my happiness tank (as a previous counselor once referred to it as) and how to implement that into my life
  3. Writing down goals and accomplish them
I think we can all agree that life can be challenging. Add kids into the mix and life gets a little more tricky and hectic (well...for me it did). Then, add some stressful situations and it can get even more stressful. 

Which is why I want to make 2016 my best year yet.

2014 was practice.
2015 was warm ups.
2016 is game time.

Game on!

More specifics on my goals the next few weeks as I prepare them.

What are some of your goals for 2016?
How do you plan on accomplishing them this year?
What are some of your 5-7 year goals?

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  1. Your index card idea is so good!!! That's a great way to write down goals... :-) Get it girl!!!!


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