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Monday, January 11, 2016

Oh Monday morning, how I love thee.

Sitting here at my "home office" waiting for the help desk to call me back so I can get logged into my computer with my Starbucks vanilla latte in hand, I figured I'd write a quick post. (It's pretty quite here at the house since my little is at the babysitters.  It's just iHeart radio and me right now).

I had cleaned my closet out the other weekend, and I still have little remnants of it lingering around. (it's a work in progress for me).

I love cleaning.  It makes me feel good about myself - like I've accomplished something. Well, technically I did.

But going through my clothes, eek, there were some things I was hanging on to for dear life thinking, "what if I fit into this by Summer?", or "what if keep this and see if I wear it in the next year?".

Wrong!  Get rid of it.  If I haven't worn something for a year, it's outta there! Done. Gonzo. Finished.

Which lead me to my favorite staple pieces in my closet currently (both business, casual, and weekend wear).

  • Express 'Editor' Pant in black (I get the Barely Boot cut).  Hands down, best dress pants I've owned.  

  • Nine West Black Pump from Macy's.  Simple black pump.  I'm pretty hard on my pumps, so this brand and style for me works wonders!  I've tried less expensive pumps - that's a no go! And I'm a little hesitant going for anything more expensive at this point.  I've had pretty good luck with Macy's pumps.

  • As shocking as this may be, I found these little gems at Payless Shoe Source about a year and a half ago.  These Dexflex scrunch flats are actually comfortable and very affordable. I consider these a good throw around pair of shoes.  I also have the black quilted pair with the black patent leather toe.  Classy.
  • One piece of jewelry that is exclusively work is my Tiffany & Co black onyx beaded toggle necklace.  This was a college graduation gift from my mom.


  • Nordstrom earrings. These are classic and perfect for any outfit - business, casual or weekend.

  • Tiffany & Co Bracelet. This is one of the two Tiffany bracelets I wear daily. I always pair this with my silver mantra band. (I love chunky bracelets). I prefer the round 'Return to Tiffany's' tag over the heart tag. Just a personal preference of mine.

  • The silver mantra band my sister gave me for my 30th birthday.  It's this exact saying. It's my little reminder daily that I can do anything I put my mind to.  These can be found on Mantra Band's website or Etsy. I'm wanting to get a few sayings and stack those on my wrist as well. 

  • Marc by Marc Jacobs Henry Chrono Bracelet 40MM watch.  Favorite. Watch. Ever. As you can see, I'm a total sterling silver kinda gal.  I think some golds are pretty, especially rose gold, but with my skin tones, I feel like it makes me feel red/blush...just not a good color for me.  So I stick with sterling silver pieces. I originally got my watch from Nordstrom back in the day (yes, I've had it a few years...that's how much I still love it!) But this can be found on the Marc Jacobs website. Comes in a silver/gold color combo.  
Plus, who doesn't like the added bling around the face of the watch?

  • My everyday ring: Tiffany & Co 1837 Wide Ring in sterling silver. I don't have the daintiest of hands or fingers....therefore, bigger rings look better on my hands. 
Casual Wear:
  • Two words: White Converse.  (Low top of course).  These have been my go-to shoes for a few years now (maybe more than than by now). I love these.  They are so comfortable and go with just about anything.  I generally purchase mine from where ever is having a sale or had a discount on them - usually my local Fred Meyer's.
  • American Rag booties from Macy's. I loved the color when I first saw these, but was unsure of the style...until I tried them on.  It was game on!  Had to have these.  I do wear these quite often with skinny jeans or with my black leggings. I know these aren't "true" staple pieces, but since boots and booties have been in style for quite some time, these are definitely a go-to for me these days.
  • Steve Madden 'Brio' black leather over the calf flat boot.  I received these as a gift several years ago, and just now have been wearing them quite a bit. Weird much?

  • These Zella leggings are my favorite leggings of all time.  I'll be honest here, they are found in the 'active' section at Nordstrom, however, I've never worked out or ran in them. (Shh, keep that on the down low). That's right, I use these as every day pants.  And I just love the quality and thickness of legging - no undies showing through when bending over. #score
  • Articles of Society 'Lana' Skinny Jean (classic) are my all time favorite skinny jeans.  A great fit, with stretch. Not to mention, affordable.  Who doesn't like affordable fashion?!  Purchased these from the B.P. section at Nordstrom but can be purchased online.

  • Blanket scarfs!!!!  Only the hottest trend in scares right now! I sure jumped on that band wagon when I saw this beauty at Janelle James Boutique a few months ago. Soft, comfy, and versatile.

  • This North Face rain jacket. The HyVent 2.5L to be exact.  I have this jacket in both black and raspberry pink.  Great essential for the NW rain we get 300 days out of the year.  

A few other basics that I always have are:
  • Nordstrom Junior B.P.'s stretch camisoles.
  • Plain white white tank tops with 1.5 inch straps.
  • A three-quarter black cardigan to throw over tops
My basic color is black (as if you couldn't tell by now).  Everything I own is pretty much black or white.  I've been this way for years, so when I add color it's like a "pop" in my wardrobe.   My sister gets a little overjoyed when I add color.

Whew...well now that the latte is long gone, it might be time for another one.

What are some of your favorite staple pieces in your wardrobe?

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  1. Everything in this post screams "Kate" to me! You nailed it with what your style is.. mine is all over the place, I don't know if I could narrow it down to one style. :-)


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