Friday Favorites [Jan 22] Edition

Friday, January 22, 2016

Happy Friday!

Show of hands of people who are thrilled it's the weekend?!  (me*me*me*me)

Not that I have anything fun planned, however I do plan on just sitting back and relaxing.

This week has sure been a roller coaster of ups and downs...and I'm sure glad it's over.

Here's my list of favorites this week:


Need I say more?  Coffee has been my savior this last week. (There is a slight chance that I may or may not have had more than 1 coffee trip this week.  Shh...our little secret).
This week it's been: A medium, non-fat, x-hot, light foam, sugar-free vanilla latte.

Isn't this the truth sometimes?  Thank goodness I work from home these no one has to deal with this crabby lady in the AM.


TVLand's show 'Younger'.  Recently, I caught up on last season up to the current week...and I must say - I love this show! If you haven't seen it, I highly suggest it. I find myself getting lost in this light, fun "non-reality" TV show. #myguiltypleasure


I found these online and inspiring!  I least this isn't another reality TV show. #AMEN


This week (and a few weeks back) has been difficult for me.  However, do have 3 of the best support system people a girl could ever ask for - my sister, grandma and mom.  

My sister and I. Best. Sister. Ever. And she's clllll mine.
This sums up my Friday Favorites this week!  
Cheers to a wonderful weekend and a much better week next week!

What were some of your favorite this week?  Share below!


  1. sorry you've had a rough week!! I hope things get better! and I don't remember you ever being crabby in the mornings at the morning. :-)

    1. Thanks Jess! Let's just say, I loved coming to work to see you girls-and now I miss you all! So now, I drink my coffee in home...with my dog in the mornings. Just doesn't compare to you and Brie. #coffeedatesoon


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