RECAP: Week 1 of 2016

Friday, January 8, 2016

One word sums up this week: interesting.

This was my first week at a new job.  And from my prior post on Sunday, this was the first week of working from home.

I've worked from home before...when I owned my own business. But this is a little different.  I get to take direction and learn things from someone else...who also works out of their home.

My week went a little something like this:
  • Monday- Ice day.  Our city freezes literally when it snows/freezes.  So I stayed home with my little and did a small project for my new co-worker.  
  • Tuesday - Technically "first day" on the job.  Met at a local Starbucks to discuss more of the job details and what some of the tasks look like that I'll be taking over.  Then we did some store tours in the vicinity.
  • Wednesday - Meeting with the buyer at their GO and a few other important people were included as well. Then I was asked to help complete a project at a sales/marketing company for Friday's meeting. (Which by the way, I had a lot of fun!) My work day ended around 4:40pm (longest work day yet - yeassss!)
  • Thursday - I thought I was going to be going back to the sales/marketing company I was at on Wednesday. Turns out, I sat at home waiting for my 'work computer' to arrive. That didn't show up until 3:50pm (which is 20 mins before I had to go pick up my little). Grr. Frustrating, but that's life.
  • Friday - Had a 3 hour meeting scheduled (finally! My first real important meeting in a big fancy conference room). However, we {meaning my co-workers} decided it would be best to meet up 2 hours before the scheduled meeting to go over a few things first. 3 hour meeting, was actually a 5 hour meeting.  Not too shabby.  Lunch was provided, which always makes me happy.  
And that...that was my "first" week on the job.  I technically can not use my new work computer yet because I don't have the correct log-in information - say what?!  Yeah, that's what I said.  They did tell me to "enjoy" this down time. I will say, it's hard to "enjoy" down time since I'm used to always going.

Monday will be an up and running kind of day to start off the week - can't wait! (no, really...I'm excited to get this show on the road).

This is what an 'interesting' week of work looks like - all smiles! And still clueless.

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  1. If I recapped my week it would be a lot different!!! Ha! So glad you came in and said hi!!! xoxoxo


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