What's Up Wednesday [01.27.16]

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Hello and happy Wednesday!

Today I'll be linking up with Shay for 'Whats Up Wednesday' - so excited!  First link ups with this lovely lady!

What we are eating this week...
A 'very plain' order of #10
Ever so often, I get to go out on a lunch/dinner date to Pho Van with Andrew. And Sunday it was! It's one of my favorite places - Vietnamese Beef Noodle bowl!  Except, I'm lame and get get the #10, chicken noodle, with just chicken, broth and noodles.  I swear, they all think I'm this crazy lady, but what can I say...I'm weird with food. Once this piping hot bowl of yumminess comes, I add my own flavoring of Sriracha sauce!  Of course, I get an order of the salad rolls and a diet Coke to top it all off. Mmm...makes my mouth just water thinking about this delicious soup!

What I'm reminiscing about....
Day 2 of our 'Spirit Week' [Just us girls].  We sure know how to make work fun!

Day 3 of Sprit Week - Legggggs for days!

My old 'Kroger/Fred Meyer' co-workers and all the good times we had.  Seriously, best bunch of people to work with!  I miss working with them already #sadface

What I'm loving...
This. New. Bag.
This new bag has arrived!  I ordered this for myself for an early birthday gift to myself/congrats-on-the-new-job.  Stole this little gem for a fabulous deal online.  I'm so in love with the padlock style on this bag.  Can't wait to use it!

What we've been up to...

Just working away. Learning as much as I can about the new job [and by the way, I am totally loving it!]  We did have a proud mama moment this week - using the big girl potty!  Who knew you could be so excited to see your child use the big girl potty?  Of course, it has to be her idea to use the big girl potty...and waiting until she's almost 2 is fine with me.

What I'm dreading...

My baby will be turning 2 in February.  Don't get me wrong, I've so enjoyed watching her grow up, but 2?!  Wow...time has sure flown by.  I feel lie just a few months ago she was 2 months old.  I will say though, I am super excited for 2!

Oh...and the dentist.  Went to the dentist the other day, to find out I need to have a filling. Really?!  A filling? So...I'm totally dreading that part. #sugaraddict

What I'm working on...

Becoming a better me!  2016 is my year to shine! I'm excited to see what this year has to offer!

What I'm excited about...

Birthdays!  Celebrations!  As if we didn't have enough excitement during the holidays, we [my sister, my daughter, and myself] top it off with birthdays in January and February - go us!  Although, I will be turning *gasp* 31 [and it's an odd year], I'm still excited!

What I'm watching/reading...

This is the current book I have been 'trying' so hard to get read between bedtime routine and falling asleep at night. It's a struggle sometimes. But so far, I love it!

Currently watching a handful of shows - Younger being one of my absolute favorites right now!  If you haven't seen it (TVLand) go see it!

Also, just finished catching up Teen Mom OG where Catelynn and Tyler got married - seriously, such a gorgeous wedding!

I did catch up as well on the Kardashians.  Yes, it's my guilty little pleasures in life that keep me sane.

What I'm listening to...

At this very moment? Total silence. And it's pure bliss!
But as of lately, it's been the Ke$ha or Sum41 station on iHeartRadio.
Occasionally, I'll throw on the Lil Wayne station for some 'hard-core' rap. [because it's motivating and I can]

What I'm wearing...

Currently LOVING the blanket scarf trend right now!  I love pairing the plaids with the stripes, or the animal prints with bright colors!  Being from the NW, I like to keep my neck toasty warm.

What I'm doing this weekend...

Yes, this is a birthday margarita. Courtesy of last year's birthday outing.
It's the start of the birthday weekend!  In our family, my sister is born on January 25 and I'm on Feb 6th...so birthday dinners and outings typically begin this time of the month.  Which means, Saturday night - first birthday dinner [for me].

What I'm looking forward next month...

Lots!!!  But most of all, for the new job to take off!  I love learning! It's been a little "rough and weird" transition since we all work remotely from our homes.  I'm hopeful this week's training will get me up and running like the wind!

What else is new...

That about sums up life right now - birthdays.  Pretty low key.

Favorite Valentine's Day Treat...

Dove Dark Chocolate squares. Need I say more?

What's even better than the above?  The Dove dark chocolate WITH almonds!  [that's a little added protein, right?!]


  1. Happy Birthday! Your purse is super cute.. gifts to yourself are always so fun! :)

    1. Thank you! I think gifts to yourself (occasionally) are totally needed and appropriate at times! I was also in dire search of this bag....and ta-da-found it!
      Kate::A Little NW Charm

  2. Ok so many things... 1. I want Pho now. 2. We MISS YOU LOTS!!!! XOXO 3. OMG that purse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4. Yeah for February bithdays! 5. that scarf is amaxzing 6. you are adorable. :-)

    1. You sure know how to make a girl feel amazing-thanks Jess! A birthday date for all 4 of us is in order!

    2. Enjoy the birthday celebrations! That birthday candle in the drink - too fabulous!

    3. Thank you! I thought the candle in the margarita was a great idea myself. What more could a girl ask for?! Drinks+celebrations=amazing celebration!

  3. Ohhh you make that blanket scarf look so good! Hope you have another one of those bday drinks planned. Yum!!

    1. Thanks! Aren't blanket scarfs just the best this season?! I was unsure often until a friend who owns a boutique introduced me to these hot little pieces!

  4. Love your blanket scarf and plaid combo! Super cute! Happy early birthday!


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