One Word Sums Up Today: Icy

Monday, January 4, 2016

Here in the Pacific NW when we get bad weather, we usually get snow followed by *gasp* ice. It's nothing like the light, fluffy, powdery snow like the Mid-West or East coast. We get wet miserable weather.  It's not that we can't drive in's just the ice.

Here in the NW, AWD or 4WD vehicles are sought after.  Especially for those snow bunnies who love what adventures the mountains offer.  These kinds of vehicles work wonders in the snow...but once we get the layer of's game over.  Our whole city freezes. Literally. Schools close, county offices close, roads close, government offices close, power outages happen.  It's a mess. It's not like we get this kind of weather often either. Usually once or twice a year...and that's enough. Plus that's all we can really handle.

And that's just what happened last night.  We had a little snowfall in the valley on Sunday morning. Which, of course, we all freak out, get excited, go out in play in the dusting of snow and we're content (for those of us who don't go to the mountain to play in the snow at least).  But see, then we get freezing rain, which then forms as ice on top of the snow.  Creating this horrible mess Monday morning.

{A view outside the front window this morning. Frozen birdbath. Don't be fooled by the watery look of the streets. That's a solid sheet of ice}

{I'm not a fan of this bush, but the ice on the branches is quite pretty.}

{The deck and backyard trees. Frozen solid}

Perfect. Today was technically supposed to me by first day at the new job. (or with the new job as I work remotely).  Remember how I was supposed to meet at a Starbucks in the early afternoon due to the weather conditions as of last night?  Well I received a text message this morning from my new co-worker asking if we could reschedule to tomorrow as the roads around her house were still extremely slick.  The roads at my house were still shiny and slick. I surely wasn't going anywhere anytime quick in my little

Needless to say, meeting today for my first day was not happening.

Tomorrow will be my actual first day.

Which makes me even more excited to get the show on the road. I've been dying to get to work. Being cooped up in a house with a toddler and a kitchen getting remodeled, really takes a lot out of me most days. I did however, get to do a project on Excel today with the new job, allowing me to get my feet wet (more like dipping my toe in the water).

But tomorrow, it's on. Second (first) day on the new job. At Starbucks. Yah! I may be just a tad more excited for a latte than starting work, but I'll run with it. 

Until tomorrow friends!


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