True Confessions of A Mom

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Oh I love you!

My friend (& old co-worker) Jess @ Jessica's Little Bits of Joy had linked up with Momfessionals and I thought, why the heck not!

Being a mom is great and all, but let's me honest here mom's...we all have little things that slide when it comes to our own kids. I have a ton, I'm sure...actually I know I do.

Being a first time mom, I had a great idea of how I was going to parent and exactly how my kid was going to act.

Isn't that farthest from the truth. I laugh now looking back at my thinking...but hey, I was totally optimistic!

Here are my confessional mom-moments:


I laugh and cringe at the same time on this subject.  I know many moms out there will fight with their kids to wear their coats while others simply could care less.  I'm the one who could care less.  I mean, don't get me wrong here, I care that my child is warm and stays dry from this NW rain, but as we are shuffling out the door in the mornings...I don't care to have a struggle and full on meltdown with the issue.  I simply throw the coat in the diaper bag.  My child however, just loves the rain. (She is a true NW child).  I figure, eventually, she'll learn that it's much colder without the coat and *gasp* want to wear it outside.

Obviously, it was her idea to wear a coat this time. (go figure) #fashionstatement


Even though I haven't been pregnant for almost 2 years now, I do have 1 pair of designer denim that I absolutely love and can't get rid of them!  Despite the fact that they have the elastic band...they are amazing designer denim (with a nice elastic band to make my stomach appear much slimmer). #thankyouverymuchjeans


This is another struggle I tend not to fight. It's been decided: my child is a night owl and does not require that much sleep.  Bedtime around here is usually 10. Sucky. And for some odd reason, she wakes up in the middle of the night to go sleep on the couch. Whatever. It's a phase, right? (one could only hope)


Wanna know my secret for cleaning up the crushed up goldfish crackers and randomly dropped fruit snacks?  One word:  Emily.  She's my little car Dyson that cleans up after baby anytime there's messes. #thanksEm

This is Emily Grace. Also known as the car vacuum.


I used to be a hand sanitizer freak when it came to being clean and touching things in public. Turns out, now that I have a child, I'm the farthest from that. Whatevs. Grocery carts?  Nope, never wipe those down (unless my mom is with me). Hasn't gotten sick yet. Dropped pacifier?  Just wipe it off on the shirt and we're good to go.  Highchairs at restaurants - have you seen how sticky and dirty those things are?  Yeah, gross, but I don't wipe those down either unless its blatantly obvious that it needs a wipe down.


Yes.  I'll admit it.  We have a decorative bowl in the living room where we keep my little's stash of pacifiers.  We have like 20. But never in the bowl at once. Some in the care, in the bag, in the purse, under the couch, under her bed. It's never ending of hide-n-seek with these things.


I may (or may not) take advantage of time when my mom watches my little one.  Or take the looooong way home just for some added extra quietness in the car.  I think it's normal as moms to just want some peace and quiet and some alone time.  Hey, when my mom says she'll watch my little one for a few better believe, I am going to do as much "extra" activities I can fit in.

Wheeew.  There.  I've confessed. I feel much better!

But seriously, life isn't all glitz and glam as much as much as we'd like it to be as mothers.  We all have our little secrets that help us get through life with little ones.

What are some of your confessions?!


  1. Yes on all of these!!! I'm not a germ-a-phobe either.. nothing is worse than what they are exposed to at daycare anyways... so as long as there isn't visible hair or crud on the binky when it drops to the ground (anywhere) it's totally game!

  2. These momfessionals are great. Who has time to wipe down everything when you have a busy toddler on your hands? Not us! Ha! And, YES to the "time is not of essane"... Especially, when you know your little one is in great hands. Nothing beats alone time these days!


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